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Laughton King Offering “Seminars on Tour”

For Schools, Teachers, Parents and Community Agencies.

Laughton King was previously based in private practice in Whangarei, then toured NZ for four years, offering seminars and training based on his thirty years of professional practice and his three books “Reaching The Reluctant Learner”, and “With, Not Against” and “Dyslexia Dismantled”.

He has now returned to live on his property on the coast near Whangarei, and is available for lectures, seminars and workshops.

View Laughton King’s Seminar filmed in Sydney, Australia on the right to get a taste of what the eBooks and hardback books have to offer!

Subject’s Laughton King Cover’sLaughton King

Effective Communications
Motivation Systems
Learning Difficulties
Behaviour Management

Energy Systems

Reinforcement Systems

Student Disengagement

Emotional needs


Testimonial’s for Laughton King’s Seminars/Presentations

Hi there Laughton. Enjoyed your presentation last Thursday at our School. After a long day it can be a bit daunting to know there is a long meeting ahead but you were fantastic, interesting and relevent. Thanks.

Hi Laughton, Thank you for an amazing presentation yesterday afternoon. Do wish you could have heard the staff who attended, talking to others before school today….the reflection that has happened already is incredible. All the way through I could identify my husband…. Jenny

I really got a lot out of your presentation – the two over lapping triangles are now seared on my brain, and provide the most sensible representation of dyslexia I have ever heard.

Just a note to say thanks for this morning at W. I am now not diclexic but a desiel. I hope you can get this message to everyone as it is exactly how I have felt for the last 36 years but couldn’t explain it to anyone. I only hope the petrols have enough brains to understand it.

Thank you, and thank you very much for speaking out for people who have dyslexia, children in particular. You describe what my children who have dyslexia tried to tell me so many times. I recall after a particularly torrid day at school my son, who was about eight at the time, asking if I knew, or anyone in the world knew, what it was like to never be able to get anything right no matter how hard you tried.

I attended your seminar at Newtown School in Wellington on 22/03/2010 and purchased your 3 books. Everything is now so much easier at home (especially at homework time with my 9 year old son) after your very inspiring and so insightful seminar and discussions.  Thank you so much.   As I read through your books there are so many times when things in my head just click, and I go Oh! I get it now!  Now I can say this/or try this instead – and it works!  Both my son and husband, and my brother (a diesel with a V8) and father (and further back on this side of my family – which incidentally has really domainant left handedness in both males and females) exhibit so many of the signs that you talk about.  My life makes so much more sense now, and there is less chaos.

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Laughton King's Books

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Laughton King ‘On Tour’

Laughton King offers Seminars and Workshops for Schools, Teachers, Parents and Community Agencies

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Laughton’s Books

Laughton King's Books

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