Hi there Laughton. Enjoyed your presentation last Thursday at our School. After a long day it can be a bit daunting to know there is a long meeting ahead but you were fantastic, interesting and relevent. Thanks.

Hi Laughton, Thank you for an amazing presentation yesterday afternoon. Do wish you could have heard the staff who attended, talking to others before school today….the reflection that has happened already is incredible. All the way through I could identify my husband…. Jenny

I really got a lot out of your presentation – the two over lapping triangles are now seared on my brain, and provide the most sensible representation of dyslexia I have ever heard.

Just a note to say thanks for this morning at W. I am now not diclexic but a desiel. I hope you can get this message to everyone as it is exactly how I have felt for the last 36 years but couldn’t explain it to anyone. I only hope the petrols have enough brains to understand it.

Thank you, and thank you very much for speaking out for people who have dyslexia, children in particular. You describe what my children who have dyslexia tried to tell me so many times. I recall after a particularly torrid day at school my son, who was about eight at the time, asking if I knew, or anyone in the world knew, what it was like to never be able to get anything right no matter how hard you tried.

I attended your seminar at Newtown School in Wellington on 22/03/2010 and purchased your 3 books. Everything is now so much easier at home (especially at homework time with my 9 year old son) after your very inspiring and so insightful seminar and discussions.  Thank you so much.   As I read through your books there are so many times when things in my head just click, and I go Oh! I get it now!  Now I can say this/or try this instead – and it works!  Both my son and husband, and my brother (a diesel with a V8) and father (and further back on this side of my family – which incidentally has really domainant left handedness in both males and females) exhibit so many of the signs that you talk about.  My life makes so much more sense now, and there is less chaos.

Thank you for yesterday’s presentation. It is difficult for me to accurately describe the effect you have had on the staff who attended, other than to say I have been approached by at least 20 who all stated it was the best PD they have ever attended, and by far the most thought-provoking. I include myself in this group too!

“Wow!  Great words spoken tonight, thanks so much.  You have given me much to think about and have inspired me in many ways.  I found myself relating to what you said not just in relation to my daughter and her learning but also for me and how I have learnt and processed information over the years.  Keep up the amazing work.”

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation on dyslexia last week.  I have since read your book, and thought you might like to know that you have probably saved a very special young man (8 yrs old) from an experience of school much like your own. This young man has been in my class since February and has driven mequite mad.  I knew he was bright, but couldn’t work out why he was depressed, uncooperative, apparently unmotivated and just down right difficult to handle.  I cringed as I read your book to realise that I, as his teacher, have made many of the comments to him and to his parents that your teachers made about you.  I have been trying to interact with him in a way more consistent with what you suggest for just one week now and wow!  What a difference!  He has been happy and eager and motivated. He still produced very little work in a week, but hey!  Its only been a week!

Hi Laughton. I was at your presentation last night and just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your insight into Dyslexia.It is painful to watch our gorgeous 9 year old Diesel son with his V6 engine and trailer load of sand in tow, struggle within the school system. On the first day back of term 2 I asked him how his day had gone and he said “bad” on probing him further he said to me “school is the place where your dreams end and your nightmares start and the nightmares go on and on and on.” That is a direct quote, I couldn’t possibly make something up like that. His teacher had been at your earlier presentation and she said to me today that she has already changed the language she uses with in the class to help the pictorial children gain greater meaning.

Hi Laughton and Natalie, Hey thanks so much for last Thursday. The school is still buzzing and we haven’t talked about anything else in the staffroom since. It was very informative and quite a mind shift for us all.

Good morning. Just a quick note and a big thanks. My son and I attended your meeting last night and got a lot of help in understanding his dislexia. So may things have become clear for me in understanding his past behaviour and I wish I had had the benifit of hearing someone like you speak when he was growing up. I am so pleased he persuaded me to go with him last night.  Keep up the good work your experiance is invaluabe to people like us. Thanks

I was at your seminar on Monday night at the Amberley School Hall.  I was totally absorbed in everything you said, and just wanted to say how fantastic it was to hear such inspirational and motivating information that will help me in my parenting.  My husband and I both came and I could have listened to even more.  We have a 2year old son and a 5 year old daughter, and already you have helped equip us to make some changes. The night after the seminar, my lad was sick for most of the night which made for a very tiring night but I tackled it in a different manner, as a result of what I had heard and the results were much better than they might have been.  Today I have been watching my son as he talks to me about all sorts of random things going on in his head, I imagine the picture cards he is looking at and understand so much more.  It’s like the light has been turned on, because I must admit to struggling a little previously with the whole “boy “ thing after having a very language orientated daughter.

Laughton, Many thanks for a most delightful evening. I enjoyed myself very much.  Today is the first day in my 52 years that I feel that I belong in the world. With out the understanding that I received last night I would never have felt this good. I have gained a greater understanding as to why I am able to teach my Electro Technology Industry Training Organisation candidates as easily as I do. It’s because I have a wonderous male brain. I am celebrating this discovery by being able to now state “I need this said like this”. Already it has made things clearer for my partner’s language dominant mind. He is really interested in being able to understand my diesel world so we are having fun trying new ways of communicating. Many many thanks for your wonderful insights.

Wow have you got our staff thinking.  Thank you so much for your presentation on Tuesday.  You have really opened the staffs eyes as to the impact our teaching and ‘phrasing’ of instructions really affects our children day to day,  Many of the staff have commented they are coming to the community night on Monday. One of our parents attended your course and she came back absolutely estatic about the info you had given her to work with her son, as he is now on the GSE books and we are working closely with the family.  The changes at home are starting to already be apparent at kindergarten and she had alot of lightbulb moments during your talk. so thanks again.