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Laughton King

Educator, author and visiting speaker, offers short seminars at your school.

Laughton King practiced as an Educational, Child and Family Psychologist for thirty years.   He closed his practise in Whangarei in 2007 and has now terminated his  psychologist registration, so as to focus fulltime  on his work regarding dyslexia.

Since 2007 he spent four years  touring NZ in his mobile home/studio, visiting the smaller centres and presented over 400  seminars and workshops to local communities – teachers, teacher aides, parents, special educators and social workers – primarily around the topics of learning difficulties, student disengagement, and  ‘dyslexia’.

Recognizing that smaller communities are generally by-passed by the ‘visiting speaker circuit’ he toured with the intention of bringing his skills to ‘heartland New Zealand’ in an enjoyable and economic manner.

Laughton King’s seminars are generally 2-3 hours in length and for groups of 12 to 60 participants – from your own school, or from the wider general community. We suggest that by inviting the wider community and other local schools, the seminars could become cost-free to the host school.

The menu to this site offers more information about the topic and contents of the seminars, and also some organizational guidelines.

Curriculum vitae



Self-employed of Whangarei


Bachelor of Social Sciences (Waikato) 1971

Master of Social Sciences (Waikato) 1973

Diploma of Educational Psychology (Auckland) 1977


Teacher Training.

Marriage and Relationship Counselling – repair, or dissolution

Family Counselling – dynamics and interactions

Child Counselling – trauma, emotional, educational

Parenting – solo, duo, separated, reconstituted-family parenting

Individual counselling and support – depression, stress, life-style choices


(trained, certificated – CDR, Boulder, USA) Commercial, industrial, and contract disputes.

Marriage and partnership roles.

Family disputes – internal.

Marriage dissolution – relationship, personal roles, asset division.

Custody and Access issues resolution.

Medical issues and Healthcare disputes.

Educational issues.


Dyslexia – and related learning issues.

Communication skills, Behaviour Management, Learning Processes,

Conflict Avoidance / Conflict Management, Personal Energy / Interpersonal Power.


Psychological Service 1978 – 1989

Special Education Service 1989 – 1995

Private practice (part-time) – Counsellor and Therapist 1990 – 1995

Private practice (full-time) – Psychologist, Mediator, Counsellor and Therapist 1995 – 2007

On Tour NZ 2007 – 2011

His other interests lie in the areas of Wholistic health, Environmental Conservation, and Landscaping.

Laughton initiated the setting up of the Whangarei Quarry Gardens; from an old quarry dumping ground to a stunning botanical and community facility. He has a river estuary property dedicated to native re-afforestation and alternative energy, and intends it to be used as a mental-health resource for urban dwellers requiring time-out.

Please search this website to find Laughton King’s books, “Dyslexia Dismantled”, “With, not against” and “The reluctant learner”.