Organising a Seminar

Organising a Laughton King Seminar

Venue, Numbers, Costs

  • Please avoid using a school hall, or other large un-carpeted rooms. School staffrooms, or carpeted classrooms are ideal venues.
  • Groups should have a minimum of twelve attendees, and preferrably no more than one hundred people.
  • Morning, afternoon or evening sessions are acceptable. Sessions tend to work better if tea/coffee and light snacks are offered to attendees on arrival.
  • Evening sessions benefit from a wine and cheese or wine and finger-food offering before the session.
  • Please allow at least two hours between one seminar and the next.


Seminars and workshops are charged at $250 +gst per hour, plus $100 per overnight stay involved, and all expenses. However it is important that a lack of available finance does not restrict availability of information, and fees are thus negotiable in some situations.


Two LARGE whiteboards (1 x 1.5 m), pens, duster.
No ohp or Powerpoint needed.

Organisational Checklist:

  • Co-ordinator
  • Venue.
  • Target audience (Teachers, T Aides, Parents). Single school, or cross community.
  • Number / times of presentation.
  • Flyer presentation/distribution.
  • Liaison with parents, media, RTLBs, Teachers, T Aides, Admin staff.
  • Finance authorization, decisions, handling cash.
  • Wine and cheese organization.
  • Liaison with Laughton King.

Contact Laughton King:


Cell phone: 0274 171 804

Or send a message on our Contact Us page


(Use Book jacket graphic if desired)

‘Our school is thrilled to invite you to a (Parent Evening) (Teacher Training Seminar) (Teacher aide Training Seminar) (Parent/Teacher Seminar) with a special guest speaker:


in our staff room on ………. Road, on Monday 40th July 6.30pm – 9pm
Limited seating is available, so please secure your seat (ticket) by indicating your interest (purchasing your ticket) as soon as possible.

As a young boy Laughton King had significant learning difficulties at school, and even at University, learning was a ‘nightmare’. He knew that he had lots of pictures in his head, ones that came and went, but nothing over which he had particular control.

Coping with classroom lessons was a nightmare, and his responses as a child ranged from fear, depression to emotional withdrawal, to sheer anger at himself for his repeated failure to comprehend. It is therefore remarkable that he went on to University and eventually became a Child and Family Psychologist – with the specific intention of preventing other children from having to have the same tormenting experiences.

He has lived in Whangarei for the last 35 years pursuing his passion about children and their learning difficulties, working in schools and homes, helping children overcome the same hurdles he has faced himself.

Laughton King knows that there are possibly three or four children in every classroom throughout the country, who find learning a challenge. Having now-adult children he also knows the challenges of being a parent to such children.

His fascination with the dynamics of adult/child interaction and his enjoyment and fascination in parenting his own children, led him to publish a second book “WITH, NOT AGAINST” (2006). Here he explores and demonstrates the simplicity of a co-operative relationship between children and their parents and teachers.

After spending 30 years of his adult life as an Educational Psychologist, Laughton has closed his practise, and as a Specialist Educator will help us understand our children, and our own challenges with them, in his presentations around his three books;
- ‘REACHING THE RELUCTANT LEARNER’, (3rd edition 2006).
- ‘WITH, NOT AGAINST’ (2006).

Laughton King’s books will be available to purchase at the end of the seminars.